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How to Pronounce: component

Wrong: [com-] as in common Correct: [com-] as in computer With the popularity of the Angular framework, the usage of the word component has increased significantly. Although the [-po-] part is spoken a bit differently between British and American – Americans tend to emphasize that part a bit more – [com-] is almost always pronounced wrong

How to Pronounce: char

Wrong: [char] as in character Correct: [char] as in charcoal char is a data type in C/C++ and is a short form of the word character. But unlike the char in character, char is pronounced as char in charcoal. I came to know about this “correct” pronunciation when I found this FAQ by Bjarne Stroustrup quite by chance while looking for some coding

How to Pronounce: Linux

Wrong: [lin-] as in “line” Correct: [lin-] rhyming with “tin” The [-ux] part is less controversial. As Linus Trovalds himself explains here in this video, there should be no doubt after this. It’s a pity that after so many years, I still come across people who still pronounce it wrong.