Remote Desktop with Cisco VPN

    1. Install vpnc
      sudo apt-get install vpnc
    2. Install rdesktop
      sudo apt-get install rdesktop
    3. Create vpnc configuration file
      sudo cp /etc/vpnc/example.conf /etc/vpnc/myconfig.conf
    4. Edit myconfig.conf
      Use the settings from corresponding .pcf file1.  If the group password is stored in encrypted form in .pcf file, decrypt it from here.
    5. Create a shell script in your home folder with following contents (replace the text in square brackets appropriately):
      echo "Logging in..."
      sudo vpnc-connect /etc/vpnc/myconfig.conf
      rdesktop -u [username] [ip address] -f
      echo "Disconnecting..."
      sudo vpnc-disconnect
    6. Save the shell script and remember to change its flags to executable.
    7. Launch the script from your home folder, enter appropriate passwords when asked.

[1]: Remember to uncomment the lines from the config file, ‘#’ stands for comment. Also, the config line IKE Authmode hybrid can be left out in certain cases.

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