Google’s Angular 2 will now be build with Microsoft’s TypeScript

Nice! Google and Microsoft are a team now! At the recent ng-conf, Google’s Angular 2 team announced that they would be using TypeScript for the development of Angular 2.

I have been using TypeScript for quite some time, and I must tell you – I have become a huge fan of TypeScript just because of the enormous power static typing brings with it. Also, the language has been evolving leaps and bounds since its inception.

On the other hand, I have been following the development of the next version of Angular, Angular 2 pretty closely. I have done quite a few POCs and with the concept of components being synonymous to custom controls that I used to build while I was a UI developer in .NET, developing front-end applications has never been so easier.

And with the recent development where I can use TypeScript to develop powerful front-end applications, I bet most of the future applications will be developed on this platform.

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