How to Pronounce: component

Wrong: [com-] as in common Correct: [com-] as in computer With the popularity of the Angular framework, the usage of the word component has increased significantly. Although the [-po-] part is spoken a bit differently between British and American – Americans tend to emphasize that part a bit more – [com-] is almost always pronounced wrong

TypeScript to the Rescue!

It has been more than a year that TypeScript has been out there. The first time I heard about TypeScript, I was like – meh! With plethora of “compiles-to-JavaScript” languages out there like CoffeeScript, Babel, Dart and what not, I felt that TypeScript won’t be able to survive. Apparently, I was wrong! And boy am

Introducing Key Ring for Windows Phone

Ever come across a website after a long time and then realize that you have forgotten the credentials? I have written a Windows Phone application which aims solve this problem – use it to save all the credentials for websites. The whole application is protected by master password. Also, all the passwords are stored after

How to Pronounce: char

Wrong: [char] as in character Correct: [char] as in charcoal char is a data type in C/C++ and is a short form of the word character. But unlike the char in character, char is pronounced as char in charcoal. I came to know about this “correct” pronunciation when I found this FAQ by Bjarne Stroustrup quite by chance while looking for some coding

Remote Desktop with Cisco VPN

Install vpnc sudo apt-get install vpnc Install rdesktop sudo apt-get install rdesktop Create vpnc configuration file sudo cp /etc/vpnc/example.conf /etc/vpnc/myconfig.conf Edit myconfig.conf Use the settings from corresponding .pcf file1.  If the group password is stored in encrypted form in .pcf file, decrypt it from here. Create a shell script in your home folder with following

Installing webcam in Ubuntu 10.04

Well, this one was easy. The method described here worked for me. Sony VAIO has Ricoh R5U870 Webcam buid into it, which I got to know from here. Simply install the following two files from here and install them in the following order: ricoh-webcam-r5u870-firmware_0.11.4-0arakhne1_i386.deb ricoh-webcam-r5u870_0.11.4-0arakhne1_i386.deb Note: I am still trying to figure out how to

How to Pronounce: Linux

Wrong: [lin-] as in “line” Correct: [lin-] rhyming with “tin” The [-ux] part is less controversial. As Linus Trovalds himself explains here in this video, there should be no doubt after this. It’s a pity that after so many years, I still come across people who still pronounce it wrong.